Top 10 Body Transformation Mistakes

The awareness of these mistakes, and application of each solution, will propel you to greater success with your EPXbody Challenge.

Body transformation mistake #10

Exercising without intensity; going through the motions

Success strategy

Exercising with intensity, effort, focus and passion

Body transformation mistake #9

Using only willpower; trying to change consciously with force

Success strategy

Using habit power and programming your subconscious mind to change automatically

Body transformation mistake #8

Giving up at the first obstacle or failure

Success strategy

Persisting through every adversity until you succeed

Body transformation mistake #7

Inconsistency with nutrition and training

Success strategy

Consistently following your nutrition and exercising plan, every single day

Body transformation mistake #6

Chasing quick fixes; doing the least you can get away with

Success strategy

Developing a hard work ethic; doing whatever it takes

Body transformation mistake #5

Short term perspective: “I’m going on a 12-week program”

Success strategy

Long term perspective: “This is a lifelong journey”

Body transformation mistake #4

No goals, fuzzy goals or lightly taken goals

Success strategy #

Specific, written goals and total commitment to them

Body transformation mistake #3

Blaming something or someone else for your lack of results

Success strategy

Taking personal responsibility for all your results; better or worse

Body transformation mistake #2

No progress tracking or accountability

Success strategy

Tracking, measuring and becoming accountable for everything you want to improve; weight, body fat, performance, etc.

Body transformation mistake #1

Not believing it can be done and/or not believing you can do it

Success strategy

Believing in yourself; cultivating and growing that belief every single day

How many of these mistakes have you made? How many more might you be making? These are the big ones – the top 10, but this is actually just the tip of the iceberg.


Whether you are currently on the Challenge, or preparing yourself for a January 1, 2013 Challenge kick-off, you can rest assured that the staff at EPXbody is behind you 100%

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