The Power Of 1



This Dynamic System Can Earn You
Over $25,000.00
Monthly In Retirement Income
at the End of Only 12 Months!

The problem with most people is that they don’t have a plan for achieving it.  They do a little of this, a very little of that. . .signup a brother-in-law. . .send a few postcards. . .run a small ad.  And, when it doesn’t get them anywhere, they whine, dropout, and sign up in another program, hoping for the big kill.  Fortunately, there’s a better way!

With the “AWESOME POWER OF 1,” you Simply participate in our System each Month to get One (1) New Signup Each Month.  And, All the People Who Join You Do the Same.

Take a look at the following Chart.  It clearly shows that if you get just One Person Per Month, and each of those just gets One Person Per Month, and each them do the same, for One Year, you’ll end up at the end of the 12th Month with over 2,000 People in Your Organization.

                 Month                 Number of Members   

                      1                                    1

                      2                                    2

                      3                                    4

                      4                                    8

                      5                                   16

                      6                                   32

                      7                                   64

                      8                                  128

                      9                                  256

                     10                                 512

                     11                               1,024

                     12                               2,048

Here are just a Few Key Points About This Chart.  At the end of six months, you only have about 1.5% of your Ultimate Downline Organization.  Don’t be discouraged.  As you can see, the dynamic growth comes very quickly after that.

Unfortunately, most people drop out of their program long before they reach the 6th month, so they never benefit from the power of Compound Interest.

You’ll notice that your Organization doubles each month.  This doubling effect doesn’t stop at the end of 12 months either!  The methods that brought you this amount of success will continue for even greater rewards down the road.

So. . .how do you get started?  You make plans!  You should make daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, even lifetime plans.  Your ability to plan and stay focused on those plans will be one of main the reasons for your success.

You must remember what your goals are and be sure that you’re doing everything that’s necessary to achieve them.

What is your most important goal?  It’s to have 2,048 Members in your Organization by One Year from Today!  Can you achieve that goal?  ABSOLUTELY!  You have “the power” to control the outcome and make it happen.  You can be the One Person who Joins and stays Committed to following the System.  You can be the One Person who will be earning $25,000.00 a Month, One Year from NOW!

If you have any questions please call your sponsor or
your upline Erik Klausner at (530) 303-8044


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