Normal Blood Pressure Without Drugs

Normal Blood Pressure Without Drugs

If you have blood pressure concerns, your doctor will probably start taking steps to keep it under control.

Some of these steps can impact blood pressure by opening your arteries. But unfortunately, the effects don’t last very long. Sometimes a “nitrate tolerance” can begin which may cause more harm than good.

But there’s an effective and natural alternative that some doctor’s don’t know about. It works the same way – only without the side effects.

The natural alternative is nitric oxide (NO). It’s a gas already made by your body. And one of the easiest ways to support normal blood pressure is to get your body to produce more of it.

But to understand how NO can help, let’s first explain a little bit about how your arteries work.

If you have normal blood pressure, your heart can push blood through its delivery system – your arteries – without working too hard at it.

Healthy arteries are strong and flexible. Inside the walls of the arteries are endothelial cells, which produce NO. This gas sends signals to the muscle cells of your artery walls to relax – and your blood pressure eases. Blood pressure drugs with nitrates damage these endothelials and your ability to maintain normal blood pressure.

So, what can you do to get more NO into your bloodstream, and help out your arteries?

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