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Quick overview:

• Up to $8,000.00 Per Month with ONE Referral! It Can Be Your Spouse.
• Automated Direct Mail Campaigns That Do The Work For You.
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• 72% Payout One of the Highest in the Industry!
• Shipping to over 200 Countries!
• Weekly Fast Start Bonus That Pays You 30% On Your Referrals.
• Earn 30% Commission on your Preferred Customers orders.
• 4 x 5 Matrix with Uni-level And Matching Bonuses!
• Only $44.95 Per Month in Product Purchase To Qualify For ALL COMMISSIONS.
• FREE Website, and Back Office.
• FREE Customer and Distributor Tracking Software.
• FREE Website Tracking Statistics.
• FREE Capture Pages with Video.
• FREE Auto-Responders.
• FREE Contact Manager.
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EPX Body Review  – the only company ever, to offer guarantees on it’s products and the income opportunity. Aside from the guarantee’s EPXBody is paying up to $10 per pound you lose!

EPX Body was founded by CEO/President Dan Putnam in March, 2012. Dan has been in the direct sales and networking marketing world since 1993 and is responsible for launching and building marketing plans for 7 different companies. The largest company generating sales over $200,000,000 in revenue annually.

EPXBody drives results through 90 day challenges which are essentially step-by-step programs for burning fat and keep it off. The reason they’re can guarantee results is they’re basing their programs off real clinical trials and conclusive double-blind studies. In other words the science adds up.

EPX Body Burn – an all-natural weight-loss supplement whose ingredients are proven to produce a powerful thermogenic fat-burning effect, suppress appetite, boost metabolism and boosts energy. The primary ingredient being African Mango proven to melt away 12Lbs & 2 inches from your waist in just 28 days (Doctor O.Z raves about this extract.)

EPXBody Cardio – Clinically proven to help prevent and reverse heart disease (The World’s Number #1 Killer for both men and women.) The Nobel winning science behind this product means the war on heart disease is turning around for the informed. Nearly 2800 American’s die from heart disease daily and this miracle protein molecule is the key to saving lives. The increased circulation from removing plaque has many benefits for those with circulation problems like diabetics and men it will enhance blood flow to other areas of note!

EPXBody Review – Compensation Plan EPXBody understands the key to success for the company and it’s affiliates is retention and duplication. Retention means people have to make upfront money fast at a great price point. The fast money comes with their 50% fast start bonus and of course the guaranteed minimum check which means just 4 people in your group and you’re at break even.

The 7 Ways To Get Paid We Discovered In Our EPX Body Review.

Earn a 30% fast start bonus every time you sign someone up with a minimum $45 order.
Earn a 30% cash bonus for every product purchase a customer makes.

Guaranteed Minimum Check – get your product free by referring 4 people.

Guaranteed Income – sponsor 5 people in your first 30 days, maintain at least 2 active for 6 months and we guarantee you’ll be making at least $1000 per month or we’ll give a full refund – every cent.

Monthly Commission – earn commissions on all purchases in your group whether they were signed up by you or someone else.

Matching Bonus – earn 25% check match on everyone you personally sponsor and a 12% check match on 4 generations of executives!

Rank Advancement – cash bonuses.The EPX challenges are  actually paying you to lose weight by the pound, there’s lots of motivation.

The clinical science behind the product is proven and anyone taking the African Mango extract will lose weight whether they break a sweat or not.

Are you looking for an extra $1000 per month in a terrible economy? Getting just 5 people to join you on a challenge where they spend $40 a month is easy. With a little effort most people can qualify for that $1000 per month income guarantee in 30 days. Naturally that takes a little effort but where else can you find a guarantee like that?

As always, successful outcomes depend on what you put into any venture. In our EPX Body review though, we found a real valuable product, shipped quickly and packaged professionally.

The clinical science is well documented and the compensation plan virtually guarantee’s anyone making the smallest effort profit (as little as 2 referrals an you’re in the black.

It’s our estimation in this EPX Body review that you’ll run into a company once in a great while and we’ve never seen one literally guarantee you a $1000 income or your money back.

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•  Great prices and products
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