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About EPX Body Health

Hi my name is Erik Klausner, better known as Erik EPXbodyHealth.

I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life. I starting working at an early age, mowing lawns and changing irrigation pipes in an apple orchard and realized trading time for dollars wasn’t the way I wanted to earn a living on my journey through life.

I quickly realized after becoming a manager in different businesses, and becoming a small business owner, that having others do some of my work was better, but it still took a lot of time out of each day to do the managing and paperwork.

Then I found network marketing and realized leveraging my time by showing others how they could do what I was doing, and make as much as I was. if not more, was the ultimate business model and the best way to make more with less time spent each day. I was very excited about this concept because I could help a lot of people get what they wanted while at the same time helping myself and my family.

Over the last 35 years in network marketing I’ve experienced some incredible success and some terrific failures. It has given me the knowledge needed to see if an opportunity has what it takes to be successful for the average person.  I’ve learned that companies are not all made the same. There are many different products and pay plans. There are also many owners with integrity issues and that just have a very corporate mindset for increasing profit for themselves. The majority of these owners, CEO’s, CFO’s are in it for themselves and their stock holders and not you the distributor.

EPX Body is way different and has everything needed for anyone, young or old, experienced or not to become successful in this industry. We know if you really take a look at our CEO Dan Putnam being a distributor for the last 20 years, our products, price point, and pay plan you will see what we see. I say this a lot but I believe this to be true.  “If we can’t become successful with EPXbody then we won’t be able to with any other network marketing company, and might as well go back to trading time for dollars.”

We are a very Experienced group of Honest, Integrity Driven, Down To Earth individuals who are here to help you through every step with EPX Body. From your first order onward to “What Can I Do Now To Take Advantage” of the Wellness Industry and to supplement our family’s income?

We have many “Systems” in place to help you every step of the way. With our EPX Body Health Team you will never be left behind or forgotten. Your Success, with your Health and Wealth is what we are here to work towards.

We ask that you simply take a complete look at all that we offer, and feel comfortable enough to ask us any questions about EPX Body and our team. We have many of your answers, so please ask us questions.

Investigate how our products can help you with your Health. and see how the price point is a true wholesale bargain. One for $44.95, 3 for $39 each or 6 for $25 each. And you will never need to purchase more than 1 product to qualify for commissions. The first goal is to get you 4 to join your team so your product is free. You will see how simple and easy success can be with the pay plan and all we have to offer.

Our pledge to you is to be here for you and your team by giving you the support and duplicatable systems you will need to succeed. Contact us and Join us Today.

Erik EPXBodyHealth Klausner



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